AMICRA to Deliver NOVA FanOut Bonder to Asian Contractor

AMICRA Microtechnologies, a German-based vendor of advanced back-end processing equipment for advanced packaging applications, has received a significant order for its NOVA FanOut Large-Panel Die/Flip-Chip Bonder from a large Asian subcontractor located in Taiwan. The AMICRA NOVA FanOut, to be delivered in July 2016, will be part of a large panel pilot manufacturing line.

AMICRA's top-class NOVA FanOut Die/Flip Chip Bonder is laid out for a number of advanced applications such as WLP, MCP, SiP, PoP, eWLB and embedded-die placement tasks. It supports an extremely large 600mm x 550mm bonding area and offers a placement accuracy of +3.0µm at 3 Sigma.

The NOVA FanOut is based on AMICRA's proven dual-head NOVA Plus Die-attach and Flip-chip Placement system introduced in 2010. NOVA FanOut enables its users continuous high-speed processing at a very low cycle time of <3 sec. Auto-loading is provided for wafers up to 300 mm diameter and up to 450 mm substrate wafers, as well as the 550mm x 600 mm substrate working area.

Among the special features of the NOVA FanOut are its software options to optimize the placement accuracy according to the user’s front-end equipment. Its unique dynamic alignment system ensures repeatable placement accuracy while automatically compensating for environmental changes during operation. Additionally, the NOVA FanOut supports heated options for advanced fan-out processes.

Another advanced AMICRA product is the ultra-high-precision AFC Plus Bonding System, which realizes a placement accuracy of +0.5µm at 3 Sigma for die and flip-chip attach. At a cycle time of <30 sec, it is well suited for processing micro-optic and micro-mechanic components, with eutectic bonding via diode laser or heating plate.

AMICRA also offers the fully automated, high-speed wafer inking system AIS, and the semi-automatic wafer inking system SIS. In 2015, AMICRA introduced its fully automated, high-speed precision dispensing system HDS, offered in a quad- or dual-headed configuration to support underfill, glob-top, general dispensing applications and more.

Commenting on this latest purchase order for the NOVA FanOut Large-Panel Bonding System, Johann Weinhaendler, Managing Director of AMICRA Microtechnologies GmbH, stated: "With its large substrate area to accommodate a 550 mm x 600 mm panel in an inline conveyor system and its best placement accuracy of 3µm, the NOVA FanOut provides an optimum die-bonding solution for the fan-out process. This will substantially solidify our innovative position and commitment to the fan-out market.”

AMICRA will demonstrate its current product lines at the upcoming IMAPS Exhibition at OFC 2016 (March 22-24, Anaheim, CA), followed by ECTC 2016 (June 1-2, Las Vegas, NV) and Semicon West (July 12 – 14, San Francisco, CA).


Source: SiS Silicon Semiconductor-

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