AMICRA Success Story featured in Bavarian Newspaper (Mittelbayerische Zeitung)

An article on AMICRA's continual success was featured in the current 23 August, 2013 issue of the Bavarian newspaper, the Mittelbayerische Zeitung.

See the English translation below of the original German article:

"Highly Precise-The Secret to Success"

Regensburg based AMICRA Microtechnologies GmbH is one of the world market leaders in its field. And the specialized assembly machine builder still sees a lot of potential.

By Christine Hochreiter, MZ

Even in Regensburg there are still - "hidden champions": companies which are successful in the world over, but are largely unnoticed by the public. In the western part of the city high-tech companies have grown with great potential in recent years. AMICRA Microtechnologies was founded in the year 2001. The specialized machine builder develops and produces highly precise assembly machines for the industrial production of microelectronic components. This is of primary interest for the use in the fields of semiconductors, LEDs, optoelectronics and hard drives. And the market for such assembly machines will continue to grow strongly.

Highly complicated equipment

AMICRA’s customers include nearly all of the major players in the respective industries. The company is managed by Dr. Johann Weinhändler, Horst Lapsien, Rudolf Kaiser and Stefan Wolf. Last year, sales totaled approximately eight million euros. AMICRA currently employs 56 employees, but the number of employees continues to rise.  In 2011, the company was nominated in the category of fast climber for the Bavarian Founders Award.

According to Dr. Weinhändler, AMICRA highly benefits from the smartphone megatrend, the growing demand for storage media / server farms (driven, for example, by Facebook), LED technology - "and the rest are all areas where chips must be placed precisely." Ten exclusive worldwide distribution partners and representatives cater to the markets in Europe, Morocco, Israel, the USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and China. 80 percent of the business takes place, according to the CEO, in the U.S. and Asia. However, management is not considering a relocation of business activities. The development and installation of the components should continue to take place with the involvement of regional suppliers mainly in the Upper Palatinate - and last but not least to consider, in order not to run the risk of over competition and lose the current development lead of about ten years.

The specialty of the Regensburg company's claim is the extremely sophisticated interplay between hardware and software. One has a unique selling point with the process know-how and control software. The products as it were, are concerned with highly complex systems, for example, they are capable of recording chips that one cannot see with the naked eye. The AMICRA systems weigh several tons each and cost about half a million euros. The top model of Regensburg ("high precision placement") tends to have three smaller competitors worldwide. This also applies to the highly precise placement segment.

AMICRA Microtechnologies wants to grow with the market and hopes in the next five years to acquire 200 employees and earn around 50 million euros. "The explosion of the market is just beginning," says Lapsien. The vision of AMICRA is to ascend from the technology leader to the world market leader for high-tech equipment. The equipment should then be mounted externally.

International recruitment

According to management, AMICRA has found private investors this year in order to finance growth. Speaking of growth: Qualified employees are rather scarce. The Regensburg company, therefore are also "traveling internationally" at times to look for employees. In the future, they also want to work more closely with universities to gain some good electrical engineers.


Translated from souce article: "Höchste Präzision als Erfolgsgeheimnis", Mittelbayerische Zeitung, 23 August 2013.

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