Founding of AMICRA PTE Ltd. in Singapore

AMICRA Microtechnologies GmbH, a global leader of high precision micro assembly equipment, is very pleased to announce the founding of AMICRA PTE Ltd. on 2 September 2013, in Singapore. The concept of AMICRA PTE Ltd., came to fruition as a means for AMICRA, the die bonder and flip chip bonder specialist, to provide closer, more direct contact with the ever growing Asian customer base. As the demand for the fast-growing microelectronic market is rapidly increasing, AMICRA strives to meet this need by providing its respected customers with services and products of the utmost quality.  Representation on-site in Asia has become an essential next step to continue on with AMICRA’s 15 year track record of providing high quality technological engineering services and products for the entire industry field of microelectronics. The new Singapore office will be led by Managing Director, Dr. Johann Weinhaendler, with Mr. Heng Song Lim serving as Sales Manager for Asia and the primary office contact.

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