AMICRA to Provide Precision Die Attach System to Fabrinet in Silicon Valley

AMICRA is pleased to announce that we have received an order for the AFC Plus System from Fabrinet West. The equipment will be installed in Fabrinet’s state-of-the-art optical packaging service facility in Santa Clara, California. AMICRA and Fabrinet have agreed to establish a partnership agreement whereby both companies will work together to provide customers with best support for application and process development activities.

“For AMICRA, this is a strategic partnership to support our existing installed base and to support our rapidly growing USA market,” states AMICRA managing director, Dr. Johann Weinhaendler, on the latest purchase order.

AFC Plus will provide Fabrinet with the die attach capability to maintain its leadership role in the Opto/Photonic contract manufacturing market, while providing sample build capability for AMICRA’s customers in the USA. The AFC Plus has the flexibility to process most advanced packages especially for in-situ eutectic bonding requiring 0.5μm placement accuracy. The AFC Plus system which will be delivered in Q3/2016 and supports die placement accuracies down to ±0.5μm @ 3σ for both eutectic and epoxy bonding with cycle times down to 20 to 30 seconds/bond or 180 to 120 UPH making it well suited for processing VCSEL/AOC, Silicon Photonic, Laser Bar and MEMS components.

“Fabrinet is bringing its advanced optical packaging capabilities to Silicon Valley, where a large portion of our customers are based. 
AMICRA’s AFC Plus die attach platform sets the industry standard for accuracy, throughput, and robustness. Along with many other capabilities, such as active optical alignment, wire bond, epoxy underfill, laser dicing, and various metrology tools, Fabrinet is planning to offer its customers process/product development services starting in August 2016” states Dr. Hong Hou, Fabrinet’s Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. “The partnership with AMICRA allows Fabrinet to offer the best in class technical support to customers brought by both companies.”

die bonding product line also includes the NOVA Plus, which supports placement accuracies down to ±2.5μm @ 3σ with cycle times down to 3 seconds/bond or 1,200 UPH, and the NOVA FanOut, specifically for the FanOut market, offering a large bonding area of 550mm x 600mm while maintaining die placement accuracies down to ±3.0μm @ 3σ with cycle times down to 1.2 seconds/bond or 3,000 UPH.

Other AMICRA products include the fully automated,
high-speed wafer inking system AIS, and the semi-automatic wafer inking system SIS, as well as the fully automated, high-speed precision dispensing system HDS, offered in a quad- or dual-headed configuration to support underfill, glob-top, general dispensing applications and more.

AMICRA will be exhibiting and available for equipment and technical application discussions at ECTC (June 1-2), Semicon West (July 12-14) and Semicon Taiwan (Sept 7-9).

AMICRA Microtechnologies GmbH, a worldwide leading supplier of ultra-precise die bonding equipment, founded in 2001 and headquartered in Regensburg, Germany, provides leading-edge products and engineering services for back-end manufacturing and packaging processes to customers in multiple segments of the electronics industry such as Photonic Integrated Circuits, Active Optical Cable, High Power Laser, WLP, Fan-out, TSV, TCB, Optical Device Packaging, LED and MEMS. With its latest micro-assembly solutions supporting, flip-chip, die-attach and eutectic die-attach AMICRA has optimized traditional bond processes in terms of high precision die placement accuracy. AMICRA maintains a global sales and support network with representative offices throughout Europe, Israel, Asia Pacific and China, as well as North America. More information:

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Fabrinet is a leading provider of advanced optical packaging and precision optical, electro-mechanical, and electronic manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers of complex products, such as optical communication components, modules and subsystems, industrial lasers and sensors. Fabrinet offers a broad range of advanced optical and electro-mechanical capabilities across the entire manufacturing process, including process design and engineering, supply chain management, manufacturing, advanced packaging, integration, final assembly and test. Fabrinet focuses on production of high complexity products in any mix and any volume. Fabrinet maintains engineering and manufacturing resources and facilities in Thailand, the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America.
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