ASM AMICRA's highly accurate die bonder / flip chip bonder system (+/-1,5 µm), with multi-chip capability, a modular machine concept and much more!

The Nova Plus Die Bonder / Flip Chip Bonder has a wide range of features including the following:

  • high precision die bonder / flip chip bonder
  • accuracy +/- 1.5 µm @ 3s
  • a cycle- time of < 3 sec
  • modular machine concept for all micro assembly applications
  • eutectic bonding via diode-laser, a heating plate or epoxy stamping and dispensing
  • multi flip chip bonding
  • wafer mapping
  • post bond inspection/ measurement
  • substrate working area of 550 x 600 mm
  • active bond-force-control

Autoloading for up to:

  • 12" wafers
  • 300 mm wafers
  • 450 mm substrate wafers


  • UV- Curing
  • Dispensing
  • And more

The Nova Plus Die Bonder / Flip Chip Bonder is designed for the following markets:

  • Semiconductor advanced packaging- (TSV, eWLB, Fan-Out, WLP, 3D, Stack Die)
  • MEMS
  • Automotive Sensors
  • RFID
  • LED
  • Optoelectronic

For questions regarding the NovaPlus Die Bonder / Flip Chip Bonder, please contact our worldwide support team.


For a more detailed written description, please read below….

ASM AMICRA’s NOVAPlus is one of the most advanced die bonding systems on the market today. It is uncommon to find a precision die bonder that can maintain placement accuracy down to the level of ±1.5µm @ 3s while bonding with temperatures exceeding 350°C and also applying high bonding forces. In many cases this type of die bonding can be classified as Thermocompression Bonding or TCB. And in other cases these capabilities are also required for Through Silicon Via or TSV

The NOVAPlus not only accommodates all the necessary features of an Advanced Packaging Die Bonding System it can also fulfill all the key requirements for the Optoelectronic market including the up and coming Silicon Photonics market, which includes die bonding VSCEL and Laser Diode die, Photo Diode Die, and Lens Attach with UV curable adhesives. This precision die attach method includes in-situ bonding and eutectic die bonding. These types of die attach are necessary to produce Active Optical Cable assemblies, AOC and transceiver type packages. The NOVAPlus high accuracy die bonder ensures its placement accuracy by providing a unique dynamic alignment method along with a laser based substrate heating technology.

The NOVAPlus offers the same basic die bonding technology as the AFCPlus but with the additional capabilities: High Speed Assembly, Large Die Bonding area, accommodating WLP Gen 4 and eWLP for the Fan-out (FOWLP) and Fan-in die bonding processes. The NOVAPlus is truly unique to the Advanced Packaging Die Bonding market because of its ultra large substrate working area, (550mm x 600mm and larger) all while maintaining a ±1.5µm @ 3s placement accuracy. It can bond at high speed because of its dual bonding head system. This capability makes the NOVAPlus Die Bonding system perfect for the Fan-out (FOWLP), Fan-in, WLP and eWLP die bonding assembly applications.

In conclusion, if your die bonding technologist is looking for Flip Chip, 3D IC / 2.5D IC, TCB, TSV, Chip on Chip, Chip on Wafer, Chip on Substrate, Optoelectronic, AOC, Lens Attach, MCM, Advanced Packaging Epoxy Die Attach, Eutectic In-stu Die Attach, MEMS or Sensor Die Attach, WLP, eWLP, etc….the AFCPlus or the NOVAPlus is your best choice.

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