What are cookies?

Some websites use cookies. Cookies don't affect your computer or mobile device anyway or contain any malware or virus. They are in use to improve the performance of our website and the usability and security. Cookies are text documents, that are laid down on your computer saved by your browser.

Most used cookies are so called "session cookies". After the end of your visit on our website they are deleted automatically. Other cookies stay on your computer or mobile device until they are deleted manually. Cookies provide us the possibility to recognise your browser at the next visit.

You can set your browser to be informed by saving cookies and you can manually allow the acception of cookies in special case or generally deny and automatically delete cookies by the end of your browser session. With general denial of cookies the usabilty and functionality of some websites can be restricted.

How to deactivate cookies?

An instruction of how to deactivate the saving of cookies can be found here.