SIS - Wafer Inking System

AMICRA's SIS semi-automatic inking system (electric or pneumatic) is designed for inking diced and undiced wafers with a dot size down to 125 µm.

The SIS Wafer Inking System has a wide range of features including the following:

  • semi automatic ink system
  • inking system: electric or pneumatic
  • dot size down to 125µm
  • inking of diced and undiced wafer
  • vision system
  • ink dot control
  • microscope with optical zoom for manual inspection
  • wafermap SEMI- standard
  • bar code reader
  • supports 200mm (8”) wafers
  • SIS 300 supports up to 300mm (12”) wafers

Markets/ Applications

The SIS wafer inking system is designed for the following markets/ applications:

  • Semiconductor
  • LED
  • MEMS

Interested in our SIS semi- automatic wafer inking system? Our worldwide support team is ready for your call.

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